Extension, upgrade and retrofits

Be up to date with latest upgrade and retrofit solutions to ensure life time availability and productivity

At the time of a plant startup, the low voltage switchgear installation is delivered, installed and commissioned as specified. As time goes on, the customer may choose to optimize plant operation by extending or modifying the site with additional motors and loads. Products may be worn out due to operation or the switchgear has simply reached the end of its life cycle. Extensions, upgrade or retrofits are the solutions offered by ABB low voltage systems service to ensure the continuous operation, life cycle extension and availability of the electrical system.

ABB Low Voltage Systems Service ensures the complete success of the upgrade, retrofit or migration in close cooperation with the customer and provides the following benefits:

  • Avoid obsolescence, provides latest technology that will be supported for a long time;
  • Reduction in cost compared with those needed to install completely new switchboards;
  • Higher productivity and availability of assets;
  • Continuous availability;
  • Life time extension. 

Follow the link to find more about Low Voltage Switchgear Digital Upgrade


Increase your plant size and electrical system with ease

Extensions to your switchgear can be performed to increase plant size and by adding  new motors and loads to existing MNS switchgear assemblies. This could be due to:  

  • Change of load size to either smaller or larger functional units,
  • Parametering and setting of protection devices,
  • Addition loads or motors,
  • Extend switchgear assemblies with additional cubicles. .

MNS and MNS iS switchgear supports extensions by providing a simple way to modify and extend the switchgear due to the unique and flexible design of MNS with built-in scalability and easy conversion of compartments. Addition of cubicles directly to existing assemblies is seamlessly possible. Extensions are engineered using our standard engineering tool, which guarantees backwards compatibility to the original system.

Upgrade your intelligent systems

ABB low voltage switchgear and motor control centers have been delivered to our customers for many years. We have been continually introducing new generations of electrical components and software to help increase operating efficiency and extend the life time of its switchgear solutions. ABB offers low-risk migration strategies for its range of products used in MNS and MNS iS switchgear to ensure maximum return on investment. 

Follow the link to find more about Low Voltage Switchgear Digital Upgrade.

ABB Low Voltage System Service supports our customer with: 

  • Detailed information and updates on latest ABB technology;
  • Upgrade of obsolete components with latest ABB technology;
  • Renew a system or components while keeping all functionality, i.e. motor controller upgrading;
  • Reuse and refurbishment of existing components where viable.

Stay up to date with the latest technology

Exchange your aging circuit breakers with ABB's latest circuit breaker technology. A unit with the same characteristics as the existing circuit breaker can often be fitted in the same frame size, often offering new functionality.

For our ABB low voltage circuit breaker range of products and retrofit options, use the following link for more details on Circuit Breaker Upgrade and Retrofit possibilities.

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