EEXI & CII - new regulations for the industry

Compliancy with ABB’s energy efficiency solutions

As IMO has set new regulations for upgrading existing ships and fleets for less emissions and toward all-round sustainable operations, there are many solutions ship owners and operators can invest in, starting from small steps for “easy compliancy”.

Energy efficiency index on existing ships (EEXI)

EEXI is required to be calculated for every ship and indicates the energy efficiency of the ship compared to a baseline.  Ships are required to meet a specific required EEXI, which is based on a required reduction factor expressed as a percentage relative to the EEDI baseline. 


Carbon intensity indicator (CII)

The CII determines the annual reduction factor needed to ensure continuous improvement of the ship’s operational carbon intensity within a specific rating level. The attained annual operational CII) would be required to be documented and verified against the required annual operational CII.

How can technology support ship owners and operators in getting compliant?

ABB has a wide portfolio of solutions available to meet those requirements like:


  • VFDs for Pumps & Fans
  • HVAC upgrades
  • Marine Advisory Systems (e.g. Trim & Route optimization, Fleet Intelligence)
  • Onboard DC Grid
  • Energy Storage (batteries, fuel cells)
  • High efficiency motors
  • Shore connection
  • Emission Monitoring
  • Coriolis fuel mass flow meters.


Our experts will support you based on your needs, to deliver high-end solutions with the shortest possible delivery time.

ABB solutions for cutting emissions and saving energy are presented in the Energy Efficiency Handbook

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