Energy efficiency handbook

Toward zero emission vessel operations

The maritime industry has started to shift towards a new era of shipping. For us it means creating innovative electric solutions providing more efficiency while helping customers’ journey towards zero emission vessel operations.

We, at ABB, have recognized the existing need to focus toward energy consumption and fuel efficiency of vessels in the market. Technologies enabling hybrid and fully electric operations are rapidly being implemented on various ship types and ABB is offering a full portfolio to match with this development.

Furthermore, we believe there lies unimaginable opportunities achievable by digitizing the vessel operations, and adding emphasis on the shore side support. Additionally the importance of being connected should not be overlooked; connecting on board systems – fleet wide – is vital to be able to compete in the changing markets.

Operating costs and environmental regulations are shaping the industry and there is a clear need for ship owners, operators, designers and shipyards to identify new innovative ways of designing a ship, build it, and operating with it in the changing environments.

It is difficult to predict how the world, and the shipping industry with it, shapes to be in the future, but competition is real. How to lower costs, and stay appealing for the customers? How to comply with regulations, and at the same time stay ahead of development? How to with all this keep a competitive edge in the market?

We hope to offer answers to these questions by starting with why every vessel in operation today should be electric, digital, and connected. Just like we aim to be.


Solutions for energy efficiency as presented in the handbook


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