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Electric, digital and connected solutions for sustainable shipping

Global pressures of climate change, emerging-market economic development and growing urbanization demand new and more environmentally sustainable ways to move people and goods. ABB has become one of the world’s leading enablers of sustainable transportation for all modes, including marine vessels.

ABB’s role as a front runner in sustainable transportation is to equip the marine industry with electric, digital and connected solutions that maximize the full potential of vessels and ultimately enable a safe, efficient and sustainable maritime industry.

As part of the company’s pioneering role in electric transportation, ABB has provided electric systems on board vessels for more than 110 years. Today, well over 1,300 ships employ ABB’s electric system. Modern ships are being built on the foundation of electricity, which expands their range of viable energy sources beyond traditional fuel to, for instance, batteries and fuel cells.

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ABB Decoded podcast: Technologies for greener shipping

In the latest ABB Decoded podcast, Eero Lehtovaara, Head of Regulatory and Public Affairs, ABB Marine & Ports, discusses technologies for greener shipping, this year's theme of the World Maritime Day on September 29. The theme provides an opportunity to focus on the importance of a sustainable maritime sector and engage in a global dialogue on the topic.

With more than 80 percent of all goods worldwide being transported via ships, and the number expected to significantly increase over the next few years, the imperative of the maritime transport sector to support global sustainability is clear. The marine industry has set ambitious sustainability and carbon neutrality targets in response to the global climate challenge. A key part of ABB’s 2030 sustainability strategy is to support customers and suppliers to reduce their emissions and achieve carbon neutrality in ABB’s own operations by 2030.

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