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As the world becomes increasingly more reliant on secure electricity supplies, pressure on the power distribution industry to deliver is also increasing. In order to respond to the evolving needs of today’s global power distribution market and to help support power and utility companies, ABB is pushing the boundaries of technology, establishing itself as a trusted partner, and expanding its global footprint through new growth opportunities. Continual, proactive advancements allow ABB to offer a wide range of new products and solutions for its customers to enhance grid reliability, meet rising demands for electricity with increased energy efficiency, and improve productivity.

ABB has been in the business of medium-voltage power distribution for well over a century, providing utility, industrial and commercial customers with safe, reliable technologies. Over this time the company has been a constant pioneer both of the technology itself and of its applications. The huge portfolio of products and services available now for current conduction, electrical insulation, switching operations, protection, control and interruption is a testament to this pioneering spirit. Today’s portfolio includes 66 product lines in 34 sites in 27 countries. And this portfolio is evolving so that ABB can offer its customers solutions that are more efficient and reliable, safer, smarter, more environmentally friendly, and easier to engineer, install and operate. 

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