Protection relays on switchgear extension panels

ABB relay service support for the entire life cycle

When a product reaches the end of its life, it does not necessarily mean the immediate need to buy replacement products, which have been equipped with the latest technology.

ABB's service portfolio covers a wide variety of classic relays and ensures the availability of also older protection relays. These classic relays are especially useful when the requirement is for the existing type of relay in new extension panels, as one-to-one replacements. Further, they can also be used as spare devices.

Classic products can be viewed at Business Online.

Your local ABB representative assists you with ordering and other service support on relay products. 


  • Availability of classic relays ensure the extended life cycle of switchgear 

Key benefits

  • Use of same relay types enable ease of maintenance
  • No changes required in design, settings or wiring

Key features

  • Fast and easy replacement

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