Protection relay upgrades

Support throughout the entire life cycle

ABB provides various modification and upgrade services that allow product alteration even years after purchase. The modification and upgrade services are available for the vast majority of medium-voltage protection relays and provide an opportunity to modify the product functionality or upgrade the product software and hardware. As a result, the same product can still be used although protection requirements change and the lifetime of the protection solution is extended.

Maintenance Exchange Unit service for replacing older 615 series, REX 521, REF 542plus, REF 541/3/5 and REM 543 relay versions  

The Maintenance Exchange Unit service is an excellent way to replace an aging installed base. The service provides a turnkey solution for replacing older 615 series, REX 521, REF 542plus, REF 541/3/5 and REM 543 relay versions no longer in production with the most recent one. This extends the lifetime of the protection solution and assures full availability of ABB’s life cycle services, such as spare parts and repair services.

Upgrading to the product’s latest version is now easier than ever, as the replacement unit can be delivered preconfigured with the existing customer-specific configuration. Maintenance exchange units also include the most recent hardware and software. The installation is fast and requires no major new wiring and no configuring. The new relay can also be upgraded with new features and functions.

The Maintenance Exchange Unit service is available for the following product versions:  

  • REF615 and RED615 IEC versions 1.1 and 2.0 
  • RET615 and REM615 IEC version 2.0
  • REX 521 versions A, B, C, E and F
  • REF 542plus versions 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0
  • REF 541/3/5 ver. 1.0 and 1.5
  • REM 543 ver. 1.5

The service includes:

  • Delivery of new relay
  • Conversion of the existing configuration file
  • Installation and testing
  • Recycling of old relay

Modification and upgrade services for protection relays

The functionality of existing relays can be modified or upgraded to meet new protection requirements. Upgrading the product to the latest version also brings benefits of new product features.

For further information and ordering, please contact your local ABB representative.


  • Lifetime extension of protection solution

Key benefits

  • Less downtime with assured availability of life cycle services

Key features

  • Easy adaptation to changes in protection requirements
  • Benefit of latest software developments
  • Minimized shutdown time due to fast and easy installation, existing configuration and no major new wiring
  • Upgrade to latest version of same product convenient for operating and maintenance personnel
  • Reuse of existing products is an environmentally-friendly choice

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