Control data communicator SACO 148D4

Not active product since 2009

The combined control data communicator and annunciator type SACO 148D4 constitutes the master unit of the coordinated substation secondary equipment system SPACOM. The communicator part of the equipment, i.e. SACO 100M, controls the flow of information between the SPACOM devices of a substation, power plant or other installations and a superior control, monitoring or reporting system.

The communicator can also control a printer or another output device for local event output. The annunciator part of the equipment handles the standard field contact supervision in the application concerned. If required, the annunciator part can be extended with the necessary number of SACO annunciator units to obtain the desired capacity of the system.



  • Alarm system solution for small and large on/off input annunciator applications

Product benefits

  • Centralized annunciator systems, distributed annunciator systems and mixed system

Product features

  • Standardized, field-programmable off-the-shelf annunciator units
  • Large variety of standard functions selectable to meet the requirements of various applications
  • Serial interface and man-machine communication enabling local event reporting
  • Extensive communication with superior systems via the serial interface and the SPA bus
  • High immunity to electrical and electromagnetic interference
  • Sophisticated hardware and software self-supervision system for maximum operational reliability even under severe environmental conditions
  • Powerful software support for parametrization of the annunciator units via the serial interface
  • Member of the SPACOM product family, ABB’s Distribution Automation system and ABB’s Panorama concept
  • CE marking according to the EC directive for EMC 


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