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Busbar protection REB611

REB611 is a dedicated busbar protection relay designed for phase-segregated short-circuit protection, control, and supervision of single busbars.

REB611 is used in high-impedance-based applications within utility substations and industrial power systems. In addition, this protection relay can be utilized in restricted earth-fault and residual earth-fault applications for the protection of generators, motors, transformers and reactors. REB611 is available in one standard configuration.


  • Busbar and ideal multipurpose backup protection relay

Product benefits

  • Preconfigured functions for busbar protection application
  • The relays are delivered preconfigured and factory-tested to shorten engineering and commissioning time
  • Self-healing communication based on HSR/PRP using an optional second Ethernet bus
  • The compact design makes it suitable for both new and retrofit installations
  • Withdrawable plug-in unit design for swift installation and testing

Product features

  • Busbar and ideal multipurpose backup protection
  • Powerful and user-friendly web-browser-based human machine interface (HMI) including input/output (I/O) matrix with visual selections
  • Application-specific standard configuration resulting in shorter relay setup and commissioning time
  • Supports IEC 61850 Editions 1 and 2, including binary GOOSE messaging
  • Pre-configured solutions for utility distribution and industrial applications

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