Remote I/O unit RIO600

RIO600 enables flexible remote I/O usage

RIO600 is designed to expand the digital and analog I/O of ABB’s Relion® series protection relays, provide I/O for the station automation device COM600 using IEC 61850 communication and Grid Automation applications

The unit allows maximum I/O flexibility and provides seamless IEC 61850 connectivity between the substation binary and analogue signals. One of the benefits derived with using RIO600 is that it helps simplify and decrease the wiring inside the substation. In a traditional, fully hard-wired medium-voltage switchgear/substation control and protection system, you find extensive I/O wiring. The RIO600 unit, however, provides these additional inputs and outputs distributed within the switchgear itself.

For grid automation applications, RIO600 offers Fault Passage Indication (FPI) functionality. RIO600 enables accurate current and voltage measurements from the medium-voltage network utilizing ABB's light weight sensor technology. Based on the measured values, RIO600 gives directional fault passage indication and reports it to the upper level system using Modbus TCP or IEC 61850 GOOSE. RIO600 also enables power flow and power quality monitoring. With state-of-the-art multi-frequency admittance (MFA) based earth fault indication also high-ohmic transient and intermittent type of earth faults can be reliably detected, even in case of compensated and isolated networks.

The RIO600 accommodates web technology-based functionality, which provides access to substation devices and processes via a web browser-based human machine interface (WebHMI). All standard substation monitoring can be handled using the WebHMI. 


  • Versatile, all-in-one unit that allows maximum I/O flexibility and provides seamless connectivity between the substation binary and analogue signals providing value add information for improved substation and grid automation management.

Product benefits

  • Ensures efficiency of the distribution network and operations
  • User level and operational security to ensure operational reliability
  • Better value for investments through substation device integration based on native IEC 61850
  • Increased fault management performance by making use of the precise and unique MFA earth fault FPI method

Product features

  • Web-browser-based human machine interface (HMI) for access to substation devices.
  • IEC 61850 and Modbus TCP station bus to extend the protection and control applications
  • Fast real-time communication between protection and control relays and physical inputs/outputs 
  • Wide set of different I/O options
  • Flexible applications with Fault Passage Indication (FPI) functionality for grid automation applications
  • State-of-the-art directional earth fault indication reaching high sensitivity required in compensated networks
  • Fulfills IEC 61850 communication performance requirement (Type 1A, class P1) 

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