ReliaGrid™ Arc Flash Mitigation Solutions

Ensuring safety of personnel and electrification assets

An electric arc flash is an extremely dangerous and an undesirable event in a switchgear, as temperatures in excess of 20,000 °C and violent overpressure waves are a consequence. Hence, detecting and isolating the system to prevent such a catastophic event is a top priority. ABB offers a graded range of solutions that are either dedicated or in combination with protection systems. 

In some combinations, IEC 61850 GOOSE communication profile is advantageously used to deliver the solution.

Selection of the below solution variants can be done in accordance with the customer system requirements for system isolation, after detection of arc flash.

  1. Combination of UFES-QRU and REA or TVOC2 detection and trip <4 ms for MV and LV systems. This is an 'analog' based solution
  2. Combination of REA 101 and Relion protection relays, detection and trip 55 - 80 ms including circuit breaker operation time. This is a combined analog and digital solution.
  3. Centralized protection using SSC600 and SMU615, detection and trip 60 - 80 ms including circuit breaker time. This is a complete digital solution.
  4. Combination of TVOC-2 and Emax2 with Ekip 2, detection and trip <70ms


  • Sensing of light and overcurrent
  • Issuing trip command

Product benefits

  • Required at all voltage levels to ensure personnel and equipment safety
  • To ensures improved system availability
  • To ensure safeguard of investment in the substation

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