ReliaGrid™ Paralleling Switchgear Solution

Comprehensive solution to ensure power availability, power monitoring and management by paralleling multiple power sources

Paralleling Switchgear (PSG) is a combination of protection, metering, control and switching elements acting as an integrated system. 

PSG acts as a brain in the switchgear control & operations, providing reliable solution for critical power application from simple to complex systems. The PSG solution interfaces and integrates ABB MV, LV switchgear and 3rd party gear with a mix of ABB and 3rd party devices such as PLCs, synchronizers, generator/engine controllers, protection relays, power quality metering, SCADA system, UPS, ATS to provide turn-key flexible control solutions. 

PSG can provide and enhances system reliability, ease of uninterruptible maintenance, and operational cost savings. 

Various PSG applications include Standby, Prime Power, Open/closed transition, Soft transition, Parallel with Utility modes including peak shaving. 

The PSG solutions can perform following operations:

  • UL certified designs, NEMA enclosures
  • Control & Automation of multiple LV/MV switchgears and switchboards
  • System control and optimization of multiple gens and utilities
  • Emergency power availability within 10 secs for life safety and critical loads
  • Dynamic load control (load add/shed) based on system load level via ABB PLC or process controllers
  • Generator optimization using PLC or generator controller
  • Soft loading and unloading of generators
  • Generator speed and frequency control
  • System alarms annunciation
  • Source and feeder breaker controls
  • Utility-Generator/Generator - Generator paralleling
  • Allows manual operation for all breakers, generator control and synchronization
  • Communication and interface with various on-site equipment including EPMS, SCADA, BMS systems etc.
  • Concurrent maintainability / Uninterruptible Maintenance
  • Analog and digital metering
  • Remote operator interface panel


  • Fully automated backup and peak shave power system
  • Remote system monitoring & controls 
  • HMI with navigation for user interface and to test and to operate system loads 
  • Peak shave during peak demand and base load options for cost optimization
  • Dynamic power source and load optimization
  • Works with multiple communication protocols
  • Centralized system controls
  • Custom projects tailored to customer requirements

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