Replacement of any old circuit breaker or protection relay with innovative, modern equipment.

Conversion, roll-in replacement, hard-bus retro-fill and cradle-in cradle solutions can all be offered for both ABB and non-ABB circuit breakers and relays.
Modernize switchgear with the latest retrofit technology to improve safety and performance. 
Minimize transformation and loss of production time. 
Reduce investment costs by avoiding design, station cabling and civil works.
Removal of oil filled circuit breakers. 
Evolve the system to use digital protection  

The conversion utilizes the existing circuit breaker truck, together with some portion of the existing parts, to build a new device that interfaces with the existing switchgear. 
The roll-in replacement circuit breaker is a completely new device built around a modern, fixed assembly and does not incorporate original parts. 
The retro-fill (hard-bus or cradle-in cradle) is a modernization process including the replacement of the circuit breaker and some of the functional components of the power compartments.

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Contact your ABB Service representative listed on this page to request a retrofit solution for your medium voltage CB from ABB, its acquired legacy brands such as ASEA, BBC Brown Boveri, Calor Emag, General Electric, SACE, Stromberg, Gardy, EJF, ITE, ZWAR, LK NES, Reyrolle, Westinghouse, and most other non-ABB manufacturers.

Retrofit kit selector for medium and low voltage solutions 

More details in MV solutions repository where you see everything you have access to.

The retrofit types are: DR = Direct Replacement, CiC = Cradle in Cradle, RF = Hard Bus Retrofill, RiR = Roll-in Retrofit, CR = Conversion Retrofit, TP = Transition Panel for SWG extension, RR = Relay Retrofit.

For additional information, visit Retrofit solutions for LV circuit breakers.

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