MCCP - Mining Conveyor Control Program

Reduce engineering, commissionning and maintenance efforts to implement mining conveyor control solution that provides drives load sharing and dynamic soft starting with highest accuracy and lowest mechanical stress

The MCCP is a software package developed by ABB for conveyor drives control  - open to every control system. It has been designed to run directly on the control board of its medium or low voltage variable-speed drives (ACS600, -800, -880, -1000, -2000, -6000). The software is specifically configured for conveyor applications, allowing for setting (by parameter) of the essential conveyor drives control functions: start/stop control, acceleration and deceleration profiles, load sharing between motors and pulleys, mechanical brake control, drive monitoring, alarm processing, speed and torque limitations.

Traditionally, every conveyor required that these functions to be custom developed for each application in the overriding PLC program. With the use of the MCCP, these functions are no longer required in the PLC, which provides savings in engineering time and overall cost.

With our conveyor simulation model - MCCP Digital Twin - specifically designed to optimize the control, we are able to solve the most difficult tasks: optimizing the drives dimensioning, tuning the control OFF - site with simulation and accelerating the commissioning.

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