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ABB at SME conference 2019 - Smart Mining: Resources for a Connected World

February 24-27, 2019 - Denver, Colorado

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We look forward to seeing you at booth # 1424, right in the middle of the Colorado Pavillon.

ABB sessions and speakers

Improved grinding performance through variable speed

Most of the grinding operations built prior to the ‘90s have one aspect in common: SAG and Ball mills driven by fixed speed motors. Operators seek grinding performance optimization only through changes in ball charge and amount of water in the circuit. With today’s increasing adoption of digital technologies and the constant cost reduction of sophisticated electronics, multiple world-inclass mines have been profiting from the use of variable speed drives (VSD) in their mills. With the continuously increasing pressure for productivity gains and the need to extend the life-time of the installed base to cope with the mine, a grinding mill drive upgrade can boost profitability while de-risking operations. A VSD mill upgrade enables higher revenues and lower operating costs through multiple improvements, which are the subject of this presentation.

This presentation describes the benefits of variable speed on grinding mills, the different scenarios commonly found in the grinding operations worldwide and some practical solutions for their upgrade to variable speed. Concluding, a real example is used to quantify the financial benefits and calculate the expected return of the investment.

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Gearless Drives for Medium Power Conveyors: Benefits and operational data review from a commercial installation

Two years ago, the material handling market has seen the introduction of an innovative combination of well-proven technologies to drive conveyors in the 800 – 4,000 HP range: Medium Power Gearless Conveyor Drive. By using a low-speed, high-torque, permanent magnets motor the need for gearboxes is eliminated. This is truly the lowest cost-per-ton drive solution for conveyors.

Not only energy losses are reduced by over 30%, but also failure rate is decreased by over 50% thus allowing higher utilization. The compact design enabled by the use of totally enclosed permanent magnets motors is ideal for retrofit applications. The presentation, together with a general technology overview, provides a review of the operation and performance data from a real commercial installation where Medium Power Gearless Conveyor Drives have been chosen to retrofit an existing conveyor.

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HPGR roller wear management system

High Pressure Grinding Rolls (HPGR) rollers start to wear over a period of time, based on factors such as ore characteristics, operating pressure, feed material size and non-uniform feed presentation across the roller width.

The rate of wear amongst the two rollers is typically not equal; this leads to differences in the tangential speeds of the rollers, resulting in a less effective grinding process due to the fact that the slip between rollers is not optimal. The higher the differential wear, the faster is the deterioration of the roller diameters and consequently the worse will be the comminution efficiency.

In this presentation, a dynamic load share control for the HPGR rollers is presented, which allows the operators to equalize the wear rate and extend the roller life time. Called RollXtend™, this solution includes a load share factor which can be parameterized based on the wear measurement performed manually during maintenance procedure. Experiences from a site installation in South America are presented and compared with typical figures from conventional HPGRs without the dynamic load sharing.

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