Mining data challenge at Artificial Intelligence Hackathon hosted by ABB Canada

Solving real-world challenges of the mining industry, with data. Designed to be a real-world, interactive and educational experience for 30 master’s, PhD, fourth-year undergraduate and continuing education students, this developmental challenge will also serve as a comprehensive exercise in digital innovation.

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The future of mining

The key to the future of mining lies in total integration of data and work processes to channel more information from real-time systems into software, leading to enhanced efficiency, responsiveness and profitability across the mining value chain.

The mining cycle is composed of a few major steps: location preparation, drilling, blasting, loading and hauling. All of these operations need to be carefully planned and executed in order to maximize efficiency and responsiveness across the whole mining chain.

Data challenge


  • ArcelorMittal, the world’s leading steel and mining company
  • SEED AI, workshop facilitators
  • Stradigi AI, judge and coach
  • Montreal AI Ethics Institute, speaker
  • Kondition Wellness sessions facilitators
  • BCF Ventures, judge
  • Peck Tech Consulting, judge
  • ABB, a pioneering technology leader

Follow the challenge and its outcomes

Digital transformation in mining

In a challenging market, the digital transformation of mining companies has become a business imperative – leveraging technology to improve processes is directly linked to value creation. A combination of market volatility, increased cost base and changing global demand is driving a seismic shift in the industry. In response, mining companies are shifting their strategies and adopting new business and operating models faster than ever before. To seize the opportunity, miners are embracing digital tools and capabilities, including cloud-enabled mobility, big data-powered analytics and the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT).
Mining companies need to find new and innovative solutions to existing problems to reduce the cost per ton produced. They also need to extend the lifetime of existing mines and increase the rate of operations while minimizing the impact of operations on the environment.

With over a century of leading in mine process, control and electrification, ABB is building the future of mining by transforming the way mines operate using our extensive digital solutions portfolio to realize an operation that is safe, clean and sustainable.

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