Great minds, great mines.

Mining is crucial to modern life.

But we also know the importance of balancing the success of the industry with the sustainability of the world around it.
That’s no small task. That’s what Great minds, great mines is all about.
It will take passion. Experience. Expertise. And tenacious curiosity. 
It will take a team of the brightest minds, ours and yours, working together to tackle the toughest issues facing this industry.
Collaborating to challenge the status quo.
Putting as much energy into solving the problems of today as we do in anticipating those of the next generation.
Leveraging the latest electrification and automation technology to transition the mines of today to reflections of a strong, sustainable future.
This is our vision. This is our mission.
This is who we are. This is who you are. This is how we are making mines great, together.

"Great Minds, Great Mines is at the core of everything we must do"

"The energy transition hinges on our ability to attract, nurture and leverage diverse talents."

Max Luedtke

Business Line Manager Mining

Great Minds creating Great Mines

Global R&D Robotics Team lead
Max Astrand

From Mines to our Lives

Our daily lives depend in some way on the ore that is mined. Which means creating better mines creates a better world for everyone.

Great minds, great results.

Great minds, great mines is more than a manifesto. It’s more than a philosophy. This is a very real focus that has already shown real results. See how we’re building better mines for tomorrow using the best thinkers of today.

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