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Service agreements built with care

The global standardized service agreement framework that helps our customers:

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1) We start with your assets so we're on the same page

Drawing from our installation database, ensuring revision levels and performing a health check if desired.


Control Systems Conveyor Systems Drives and Motors
Gearless Mill Drive Systems High-Pressure Grinding Rolls Drive System Instrumentation
Mine Hoists Ring-Geared Mill Drive System Robots

2) We work with you to understand your needs

If you need Then you should consider
Timely local and remote support? Rapid response to issues.
Added asset and process support? Services supporting maintenance.
Improved and updated skills? Training for plant personnel.
New features and functions? Equipment lifecycle support.
Parts and repair availability? Equipment repair support.
High asset utilization? Optimized equipment and processes.
Lower production costs? Reduced variable production expenses.
Longer asset lifecycle? Increase return on investment.
Higher production? Maximize asset and process availability.
High asset and process reliability? Predictable asset and process performance.

3) Together, we determine the Care package that meets your needs

Starting with a LifeCycle Assessment if desired.


Customer need Meeting that need Customer benefit

Copper mill in Brazil

Needed guaranteed response time for corrective maintenance, access to technical support and recommended spare parts.

Guaranteed fast and flexible service response to maximize equipment availability.

Higher availability

Equipment covered:
  • ABB 800xA Control System
  • ABB Production Management software
Services include:
  • 4 hours Mobilization
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Recommended Spares

Copper mine in Chile

Needed a reliable partner for long-term service activities to improve and optimize asset life cycles.

Provides powerful tools and our knowledge base to optimize and extend equipment life.

Better asset performance

Equipment covered:
  • 1 SAG Mill Gearless Mill Drive System
  • 2 Ball Mill Gearless Mill Drive Systems

Services include:

  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Spare Parts Kit

Zinc and copper mine in Sweden

Needed higher cyber security, improved control performance and remote equipment monitoring.

Increased productivity through usability and efficiency optimization of equipment and processes.

More quality production

Equipment covered:
  • ABB 800xA Control System
  • ABB Drives
  • ABB Electrical Products
  • ABB Mine Hoists
  • ABB Motors
Services include:
  • 800xA Performance Service
  • ServicePort Service Delivery Platform
  • Software Security Update

Mining and mineral processor in Sweden

Needed a higher level of automation to improve efficiency and integrate all critical functions, such as crushers, conveyor belts, skip loading, concentrator and pumping stations.
IASV care Operational Excellence

Collaboratively manages your assets, operations, and risk to deliver strategic business results.

Improved operations

Equipment covered:
  • ABB Distributed Control Systems
  • ABB Drives
  • ABB High-voltage Transformers and ABB Mine Hoists
Services include:
  • ABB Ability™ Performance Optimization for control systems- 800xA ABB SmartVentilation
  • ABB Ability™ Performance Optimization for hoists

4) We apply expert people, processes and tools to perform services

From engaging with ABB‘s Collaborative Operations Network to using Field Service Maintenance Management software

5) Let's get started

Choose the options that optimize your agreement.


x - Included, o - Optional, Shaded - standard on every agreement Rapid Response Lifecycle Management Performance Improvement Operational Excellence
Contract Management x  x  x  x
Equipment Lifecycle Status  x  x  x  x
Recommended Parts  x  x  x  x
Contact center  x  x  x  x
Technical Support  x  x  x  x
Remote Troubleshooting  o  o  o  o
Corrective Maintenance  x  x  x  x
Part Ordering  x  x  x  x
Inspections & Diagnostics    x  x  x
Life Cycle Assessments    x  x  x
Preventive Maintenance    x  x  x
Cyber Security    x  x  x
Parts Fingerprint - Gap Analysis    x  x  x
Asset & Process Performance      x On-Site  x Remote-enabled
Asset Optimization      x On-Site  x Remote-enabled
Condition Monitoring      x On-Site  x Remote-enabled
Predictive Maintenance      x On-Site  x Remote-enabled
Alarm Management      x On-Site  x Remote-enabled
Parts Fingerprint - Supply Analysis      x  x
Process and Functional Safety        x
Training  o  o  o  o
Engineering & Consulting  o  o  o  o
Resident Engineer  o  o  o  o

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