ABB motor generators for hydro, wave and tidal applications

ABB offers an extensive range of induction and permanent magnet synchronous generators for the emerging marine renewable energy industry.

Many new ocean power applications are subject to the same environmental conditions and requirements as the conventional marine and offshore sector, where we have vast experience in supplying generators and motors for demanding installations. In many cases our experience and knowledge, as welll as our proven and reliable products and solutions, are readily transferable to marine energy applications.

Our generators are electrically designed for high efficiency levels, even at partial loads. Mechanical features include optional cooling and termination arrangements, allowing very compact designs. As in other marine and offshore applications, our products also meet the additional design criteria of the applicable classification society.

ABB also supplies generator designs optimized for full power converter controlled concepts, which are often needed to ensure compliance with local grid code requirements. This proven solution is used in many wind turbine applications today.

4 key benefits of ABB marine synchronous generator
  • Less frequent maintenance need longer lifetime due to lower speed designs
  • Highest efficiency also at partial loads optimizing the power production
  • Compact size for multi-MW powers requiring less mounting space
  • Desingns with low magnet mass making the generators more cost effective

Technical data of generators for hydro, wave and tidal applications

Permanent magnet, synchronous types
Ranges M3BJ, M3LJ
Output power ranges 20kW - 750 kW
Frame size IEC 280 - 450
Nominal speed 100 - 850 rpm
Voltage 220 - 690 V
Converter Full power converter control
Cooling Air or water
Enclosure material Cast iron, aluminium or welded steel

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