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ABB IEC Low voltage motors for chemical, oil and gas industries

Ensuring safety & high performance in challenging environments

ABB offers a wide range of low voltage IEC motors, from classical induction motors that provide high efficiency levels to synchronous motor technology that exceeds conventional efficiency requirements.

Our products are engineered with industry-driven designs and patented technologies that ensure greater uptime with less maintenance. With our in-depth understanding of your application needs we provide dependable solutions that keep your operations running reliably day after day.

The chemical, oil, and gas sectors are fundamental to the global economy, providing essential materials, fuels, and energy to power various industries. They play a crucial role in fostering innovation and the development of products that enhance global health, safety, and productivity.

  • Activities within these sectors include extraction, processing, refining, and distribution, which significantly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and environmental damage.
  • The chemical, oil, and gas industries must shift to cleaner, more sustainable energy sources to combat climate change and secure a more eco-friendly future.
  • At ABB, we offer a diverse portfolio of solutions designed to address the most pressing challenges faced by companies in the chemical, oil, and gas sectors.

Our experience spans across your industry

  • Upstream – Offshore and Onshore
  • Midstream – Oil & Gas pipelines, LNG terminals
  • Downstream – Crude refineries, fertilizers, petrochemical processes, plastics chemical processes


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  • Artificial lift system - Any system that adds energy to the fluid column in a wellbore with the objective of initiating and improving production from the well. Artificial lift systems use a range of operating principles.
  • Blowers and fans - A critical process in maintaining the smooth running of any industrial process across Chemical, oil & gas.
  • Centrifuge - These are used for separation application for clarification of liquids, thickening of sludges, and separation of sand from oil (oil sand).
  • Compressors - Mechanical devices whose purpose is to pressurize gases.
  • Extruders - Extruders are used to produce long continuous chemical products and pellets for further processing in many industries.
  • Mixing - Multiple different types of chemical mixers and blenders are used for mixing gases or chemicals into pulp or other type of process liquids in demanding industrial applications.
  • Pumps - The heart of any process or application with liquids in Chemical, oil & gas.

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