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Upgrades and Retrofits

All equipment is subject to aging and the lifetime of components is limited. Therefore it’s important to take the right action to avoid an eventual component failure.

Hardware upgrades represent an effective way of extending the lifetime of a motor or generator. ABB’s turnkey hardware upgrade service uses the latest technology to deliver improved performance in terms of efficiency, reliability and safety.

Automatic Voltage Regulator upgrades for synchronous generators

The Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) upgrade service is designed to prevent unexpected generator downtime due to malfunctioning of the AVR, as well as providing ongoing technical support. Rather than replacing the old AVR with an identical unit, we offer upgrades with the new UNITROL® AVR.

Control panel upgrades for synchronous motors

ABB has extensive experience in excitation systems for synchronous motors. ABB motor control panels (MCP) are carefully designed with reliable and high quality components to ensure high availability and reliability. Replacing old motor control equipment with a new state-of-the-art MCP is an investment in availability, reliability and functionality.

Brushless exciter upgrades for synchronous motors and generators

UNICITER® is a brushless exciter for upgrading synchronous motors and generators from conventional DC motor excitation to state-of-the-art rotating diode bridge technology. It is an ideal solution for replacing obsolete DC exciter motors. Upgrades of old DC or slip-ring excitation systems can be done on both ABB and non ABB synchronous motors and generators.

Brush-lifting system for slip-ring motors

Upgrading ABB slip-ring motors with a brush-lifting system considerably reduces the wear on brushes and slip rings, lowers service costs and boost reliability. It can be mounted on new engineered ABB slip-ring motors or retrofitted to existing motors (prior engineering checks required).

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