Commercial building leaders applaud emergency lighting triple win

Commercial building leaders applaud emergency lighting triple win

In the highly competitive arena of commercial developments, the Stanilite® Platinum range is carving out new territory, offering the triple win of architectural design aesthetics, smart monitoring solutions and comprehensive savings.

From residential to office buildings, low-rise to high-rise towers, and single-purpose to mixed-use precincts, building owners, contractors and facilities managers are continually balancing a myriad of factors to deliver sought-after, profitable destinations. With Australia and New Zealand continuing to invest solidly in new commercial developments, solutions that contribute to that balancing act are becoming more prized than ever.

Placing design excellence front-and-centre

Far from the days of ‘boxy’ emergency lighting, the ABB Emergency Lighting team has gone all-in to produce the impressive Evago® series as part of the Stanilite Platinum range. Its standout feature – a frameless design with minimalist aesthetics offering viewing distances up to 24 metres and clear visibility in high and low ambient light environments.

The slimline design was the brainchild of ABB’s Netherlands team – and the Australia research and development (R&D) team set about adapting the striking design to suit the latest Australian and New Zealand standards, upholding the highest standards of safety.

Evago evokes innovation in emergency lighting, delivering a design aesthetic and flexibility not previously available in the local market. For developers delivering architecturally celebrated residential destinations, or state-of-the-art office complexes, or attractive retail centres, Evago offers a leap forward in integrated design.

Creating flexibility through smart monitoring

While Stanilite’s Quickfit® range is a stellar example of hardware flexibility, with its unique steel slide and connect bracket, it is also just one of the Platinum product series that offers the monitoring software flexibility of Nexus RF® and, now, Nexus RF Infinity. Here, the next suite of benefits really delivers.

“Nexus RF Infinity features a dynamic, self-healing mesh network that enables new communication paths to form, automatically and dynamically, all while using existing hardware,” said Stephen Charlton, Global Product Manager (Asia) Emergency Lighting. “We’ve seen commercial developments increasingly focus on building flexibility so that designs and tenancy layouts can adapt to use changes over time, and that makes this feature of Nexus RF Infinity a major win.”

For new and existing Nexus clients, Infinity offers the added value of easy integration with building management systems and enhanced data encryption, streamlining facilities management without compromising on vital priorities such as safety.

The other key win for commercial developments is backwards compatibility between Infinity and existing Nexus RF installations, bringing the next level of safety advances in easy reach.

Offering immediate and whole-of-life savings

Stanilite’s Platinum range also leads the way in savings during installation and ongoing use. For contractors and developers, the range offers a raft of installation savings in labour and materials, alongside the efficiency benefits of Infinity, such as mobile phone commissioning and report distribution. The time and cost savings quickly add up

But the savings don’t stop there. The combined advantage of LED technology offering at least 100,000 hours of lamp life and low power consumption, and advanced lithium iron phosphate batteries that offer long life and low maintenance, delivers environmentally friendly, energy-efficient outcomes, at the same time as reduced operations and maintenance costs in materials, labour and scheduling frequency.

The range’s 300 percent increase in router capacity has also dramatically reduced installation costs – and benefits such as the lowest failure rates further drive savings.

For commercial developments that have a critical need to account for whole-of-life costs, the Platinum range provides assured savings along with the confidence of connecting with the market’s leading safety solutions, backed by a five-year warranty.

Keeping operations moving during a critical upgrade

With more than 1,000 significant commercial developments choosing Stanilite’s emergency lighting solutions in the last 10 years, a stand-out example of the Platinum range’s triple-win value is Westfield Helensvale in Queensland.

Launching in 2005, the centre’s original emergency lighting system had become expensive to maintain, with high energy consumption. The ABB team was set the challenge of offering an alternative solution to improve performance and reliability, and reduce costs – all while ensuring minimal impact to the centre’s operations.

Stanilite’s Nexus RF backbone was installed in key locations and its wireless set-up meant that each fitting could be replaced and commissioned without the need for additional cable.

The ability to retrofit the facility to Stanilite’s Nexus solution was just the start of time and cost savings. Staged delivery over a four-year period has ensured no impact to operations, and the facility manager now has immediate access to detailed performance reports, driving even greater safety performance through real-time visibility of the entire emergency lighting network.

With the ABB team offering 45 years of engineering history, alongside manufacturing excellence that ensures complete compliance with AS/NZS 2293 standards, the short and long-run benefits of its Stanilite emergency lighting are unmatched. Continual R&D improvement and the team’s constant eye on lifetime value drive even greater safety assurance, backed by a competitive cost proposition.


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