Your benefits - a sustainable system and flexible power source

Our solution for small vessel electrification offers several benefits to you and your customers.
Sustainable system. Emissions are minimized with use of battery power charged from shore. Removing diesel engines and hydraulic powered equipment significantly reduce NOx and SOx emission and oil spill. Reliable operations. Utilizing the great variety of ABB components together with our easy configurable control system, customer gets a seamless system that is prepared for options in the ABB portfolio like ABB Ability™ condition monitoring. This will help customer to monitor and detect possible issues up-front and take actions on forehand. Silent solution. When powered from batteries the silent operation contributes to a good work environment onboard as well as to the surroundings. Space saving. Configuration is design with focus on demanding space requirements, and this system provides a flexible and seamless solution for smaller vessels. 

Benefits in short

  • Lowered emissions
  • Flexible and space saving installation
  • User friendly working environment
  • Electrical or hybrid propulsion capability
  • Electrical deck machinery
  • Optimal grid control (OGC)
  • ABB Ability™ Condition Monitoring

More about Small Vessel Solutions

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