System and solution design

We think the future of boating is electric.

Equipment for robust and efficient electric boats, with pure electric or hybrid propulsion, integrated in a tailored system using our configurable vessel control system. Reliable and efficient auxiliary engines will provide all the power needed, in addition to the electricity stored in the batteries. The electric propulsion and auxiliary equipment will use the energy more efficient than diesel engines can, which reduces operating costs.

Vessel control system

The brain in the electric power system is specifically developed for compact power systems used in boats, small ships and energy storage systems. Every component in the system gets its orders from the VCS. If you’re reckless it will look after your gear.


Standard features: Efficient. Reliable. Low maintenance. Flexible.
Use the right equipment for propelling your boat. If it needs to be sturdy and cost efficient – go with the standard equipment. If you need something special – we’ve got that too.
Our high-quality equipment enables silent and emission free cruising and allow you to focus on your thing, whether it is working on the high seas or enjoying the silent transit back to shore.

Efficient auxiliary engines

Our auxiliary engines will power your boat every day or be your backup power source for long days at sea. If the charging is interrupted during the night, it is wise to be self-supplied. Our partner Nogva make some of the best machinery. Diesel engines will use less fuel and last longer when loaded correctly. We use variable speed generators, that deliver smarter and cleaner energy.

Energy storage system

Silent and clean power to go. We offer scalable energy storage systems from our trusted partner Corvus Energy. Size and type of the system is selected based on the intended operation of your boat.

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