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A small, targeted effort may have significant impact, resulting in:

Challenge with control loops

The objective of any control loop in industry is to support a plant's operability, safety and profitability. Often, operations teams do not monitor and improve the hundreds of loops in a structured way. Resolving related operational issues is complex and requires competency spanning multiple disciplines. We have learnt that operations teams often lack the capacity to resolve these issues in an efficient manner.

Unresolved issues caused by poor loop performance are likely to be masked over time, because control room operators adapts to degrading loop performance if issues are not handled. However, the impact remains - operating further away from troublesome operational constraints will still result in reduced production and compensating for poor loop performance will put additional load on the operator. These masked issues accumulate and represent a significant hidden potential to increase production and safety, and reduce start-up time, operator stress and energy consumption.

Those who have invested in a suite of tools to address these issues, often tell that they end up disappointed, since an application alone will not resolve operational issues. Time, competency and experience are key to cost-efficiently unlock the potential. 


Over 20 years and across more than 40 industrial plants, ABB Process Performance has spent in excess of 150,000 hours in CCRs implementing improvements alongside control room operators and operations support teams. At any given time, we are working with about 15 industrial plants.

Through our work, we have developed practices, tools and methods to identify and realize the hidden potential of improving process performance. We bridge the gap between control loop performance and overall process performance, which may appear deceptively simple, but is actually a challenge few can manage. Whether you are starting from scratch, or already have ongoing initiatives, we can complement and accelerate your initiatives towards improved control loop performance.

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We are scaling up our services by finding new industrial partners, and are offering a limited number of free process data analysis to detect possible hidden opportunities.

The journey starts with a 15-30 minute discussion on your plant and how to retrieve its data for analysis.

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