Oil and Gas

The 2020 subsea factory

After 2020, ABB's subsea technology will enable oil and gas process plant equipment to be situated on the seabed regardless of the distance from shore, depth and water temperature.

The power from shore will be supplied up to a distance of 200 kilometers with an alternating current (AC) solution using standard 50/60 Hz, power up to 100 MW output to support the subsea factories on the seabed. Use of low frequency solutions will make it possible to increase the step-out distance to 400 kilometers. Access to a powerful electrical source allows subsea factories to achieve stable production, extending the feasibility of the field.

ABB’s power solutions provide electrical power to subsea factories. Our automation solutions enable remote communication, monitoring and control operations for subsea factories. Imagine a future staff sitting in a beautiful, quiet and modern control room monitoring and controlling the production process, injection, gas and oil separation at a factory located in water depths of 3000 meters and 600 kilometer away. In this scenario, potential fau

lts are solved rapidly through remote operation.

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