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Working with a service provider shouldn’t feel like work. With the ABB Oil and Gas Care approach, we maintain consistent and ongoing communication with you to learn what is most important, and then we craft service agreements that meet your needs.

High-quality service contributes to revenue by helping increase production. ABB Oil and Gas Care and ABB Chemical Care each provide a standardized structure to your service agreements, helping cut complexity, control costs, ensure consistent delivery and facilitate bundling of services to meet your needs and optimize the impact. 

We offer three contract model options:

  • On-demand contract: Short-term commitment that provides fast and flexible service response to maximize equipment availability.
  • Life cycle contract: Long-term commitment where ABB is responsible for life cycle services and cost planning. Includes maintenance costs for preventive maintenance, spare parts, technical support, as well as life cycle activities for hardware replacement, updates and upgrades.
  • Asset maintenance partnership: Long term commitment that offers a performance-based approach to optimize the maintenance strategy, increase productivity and reduce costs while balancing operational risks and operational costs.

ABB Oil and Gas Care and ABB Chemical Care provide the following benefits:

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1) We start with your assets so we're on the same page

Drawing from our installation database, ensuring revision levels and performing a health check if desired.

Control Systems Drives and Motors Electrical Equipment
Instrumentation Measurement Products Power Products
Robots SCADA Systems Telecommunications

2) We work with you to understand your needs

If you need Then you should consider
Timely local and remote support? Rapid response to issues.
Added asset and process support? Services supporting maintenance.
Improved and updated skills? Training for plant personnel.
New features and functions? Equipment lifecycle support.
Parts and repair availability? Equipment repair support.
High asset utilization? Optimized equipment and processes.
Lower production costs? Reduced variable production expenses.
Longer asset lifecycle? Increase return on investment.
Higher production? Maximize asset and process availability.
High asset and process reliability? Predictable asset and process performance. 

3) Together, we determine the services that meets your needs

Starting with a LifeCycle Assessment if desired.

Customer need Meeting that need Customer benefit

Offshore oil producer in Brazil

Needed guaranteed response time for corrective maintenance, recommended spares and control system synchronized to GPS.Timely local and remote support?
ABB Care - Rapid Response
Guarantees fast and flexible service response to maximize equipment availability.

Higher availability

Equipment covered:
  • ABB Control systems
  • ABB Drives
  • ABB Electrical Equipment
Services include:
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Recommended Spares
  • Engineering Services

Offshore oil producer in Asia

Needed resident expertise, preventive maintenance, and more training for personnel.
ABB Care - Lifecycle Management
Provides powerful tools and our knowledge base to optimize and extend equipment life.

Better asset performance

Equipment covered:
  • ABB 800xA Integrated Control and Safety System
Services include:
  • Resident Service Engineer
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Training

Offshore oil producer in the UK

Needed continuous control system and process optimization, cost-effective parts management and resident ABB expertise.
ABB Care - Performance Improvement
Increases productivity through usability and efficiency optimization of equipment and processes.

More quality production

Equipment covered:
  • ABB 800xA Integrated Control and Safety System
Services include:
  • Equipment Optimization
  • Parts Audit and Management
  • Resident Service Engineer

Offshore oil producer on Norway

Needed to improve asset optimization, reduce operating costs and increase production efficiency to raise its recovery factor
ABB Care -  Operational Efficiency
Collaboratively manages your assets, operations, and risk to deliver strategic business results.

Improved operations

Equipment covered:
  • ABB 800xA Integrated Control and Safety System
  • Information Management System
  • Telecommunications Systems
Services include:
  • 24/7 Service Support
  • System Modification Services
  • Remote Condition Monitoring

4) We apply expert people, process and tools to execute the agreement

From engaging with ABB‘s Collaborative Operations Network to using Field Service Maintenance Management software

5) Let's get started

Choose the Care Package that meets your needs.

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