We provide a reliable and powerful platform to design and create scalable, cost-effective and flexible automation solutions. Our platform should be functional and operational - even under rough environmental conditions. Therefore we develop the eXtreme Conditions versions.

The benefits from the AC500 PLC platform like one Automation Builder engineering suite, I/O modules, scalability and flexibility, high performance communication, libraries and web services are combined with resistance to

  • High humidity
  • Salt mist
  • Vibration
  • High altitude
  • Hazardous gases
  • Temperature: from -40 to + 70 °C.

The AC500-XC range replaces expensive cabinets by its built-in protection against dirt, water, gases and dust. Many traditional practices such as HVAC for the panel, shock absorbers, door sealing etc. are not required. 

AC500-S Safety PLC range - extreme conditions XC modules 
  • Applicable for harsh environmental applications like crane, hoist, winch, robots, wind (offshore and onshore), solar etc.
  • Physical dimensions, basic electrical characteristics and software compatibility correspond with the standard AC500-S version.
  • Engineering and operations are much more cost-efficient since spending money on special cabinets and cabling practices can be avoided.

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