AC500-XC - CPUs

We built in our AC500-XC the needed easiness, security and reliability to adapt your automation solution to new coming up challenges.

Dynamic and adjustable interaction 

  • Real time capabilities and high data transmission speed are just some of the demands for a control system.
  • We design a wide range of fast processing eXtreme Conditions CPUs with appropriate main board, memory, performance and networking capabilities.

  • Our AC500-XC CPUs have a variety of communication possibilities, onboard and with expansion modules, which can be integrated into various combinations, forming great network nodes from smallest to largest automation solutions.
  • These capabilities connect your automation solution to the past, keep it up to date and lead it into tomorrow.


The AC500-XC CPU can be used in harsh environments like:
  • Operating temperature -40ºC to +70ºC.
  • Extended immunity to vibration (IEC61131-2/IEC60068-26).
  • Extended immunity to hazardous gases (IEC60721-3.3 3C2) i.e. H2S, SO2/SO3, NOX.
  • Extended immunity to salt mist (EN60068-2-52/ EN60068-2-11).
  • High altitudes, operational up to 4000m above Sea Level or up to 620 hPA.
  • Extended EMC requirements (EN61000-4-4 and EN61000-4-5).
  • Shock resistance (IEC60068-2-27).
  • Electrostatic Discharge up to 8 KV.

If you need reports, signals and messages anytime anywhere then use our built in web server (free of charge).

AC500-XC products carry the snow symbol.

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