Ship loader automation

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Safe and efficient loading of a large ship while maintaining the balance of the ship are big challenges for operator of a ship loader. Automatic ship loading makes the loading process for safer and more efficient.

ABB Ship Loader Automation system provides a comprehensive solution for automatic loading process. It controls the loading process according to the belt flow to improve the efficiency and quality of the loading operation. It also protects cranes, ships and people from harsh and dangerous working conditions.

ABB’s Ship Loader Automation system:

  • Enables predictable and stable loading performance
  • Reduces operational and training cost
  • Reduces wear and tear of the equipment
  • Improves equipment utility by operation even in night and foggy whether
  • Features hatch and material height detection with a laser sensor to optimize the ship loading

Combined with remote control ABB’s Ship Loader Automation system provides improved working environment for the ship loader operators, which reduces operator fatigue and further improves the ship loading performance.

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