Wind Interface 15 kW, 25 kW

The 15kW/25kW-WIND-INTERFACE is a smart passive rectifier for small wind applications up to 25 kW.

The high speed and precise power curve tracking algorithm allows to best match the power curve of each turbine. Analogical output signals are available for driving all ABB small wind turbine inverters, including three-phase inverters.

The 15kW/25kW-WIND-INTERFACE has the possibility to drive an external diversion load resistor (opt.) that can help the turbine in case of high wind.

Power curve owner

Multiple inverters managing capability allows scalability for the installation.

It is a sealed unit to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Overvoltage protection for inverters thanks to semi-controlled bridge rectifier.


  • Three-phase passive rectification
  • Power curve owner
  • Adjustable automatic diversion load activation threshold
  • Unfused path to brake load resistor (opt.)
  • Adjustable automatic brake load activation threshold

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