ARCARE® – converter for AC electric arc furnace

Sophisticated power supply for AC electric arc furnace, that boosts furnace efficiency


Scrap metal is melted in electric arc furnaces in order to recycle steel. These furnaces can be constructed for alternating current (AC) as well as for direct current (DC).

As a basic principle, generating steel from iron recycling rather than from iron or saves energy. High demands are made on the power supply for an electric arc furnace. The most important thing for the steel manufacturer is to obtain the liquid steel in the shortest possible melting time using the electric arc. One of the issues that limits the melting time is the high fluctuation of the electric arc. As the arc fluctuations are faster than the electrode can be moved this does not limit the current fluctuations. 

ARCARE – an active stabilising system for AC electric arc furnaces

An active stabilising system for AC electric arc furnaces called „ARCARE“ is the solution to fluctuating currents. Central to the ARCARE are the current-limiting inductors which are driven by thyristors to continuously control the furnace current.


  • Increased power leading to increased production
  • Reduced electrical energy consumption
  • Reduced electrode consumption
  • Reduced maintenance 
Technical data                                                                                 
Primary furnace trafo voltage < 34,5 kV 
Primary furnace transformer current < 3000 A
Frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Cooling medium DIW / DIW glycol
Recooling WF or AF

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