Like making your Pulp and Paper process more sustainable.

It may be surprising, but the key to doing more with paper lies in doing more with digital. From lowering emissions to raising productivity, ABB’s decades of digital innovation can help you do more to reach your goals. Doing more with digital means drastically reducing emissions, chemical usage, and water consumption, paving the way for a more sustainable future. Doing more with digital means making the most of your asset management by leveraging the latest technologies, like predictive analytics, AI and big data. Doing more with digital means stabilizing production, improving on-spec results, and reducing downtime, ensuring you consistently meet and exceed customer expectations. With innovations specifically designed for the challenges of paper making, ABB is the company you can trust to make your paper process even more efficient.  Do more with digital and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

 What’s on your mind: Challenges

 What's on ours: Doing more with digital

Sustainability and Decarbonization:
All topics relating to sustainability, including reducing CO2 emissions, chemicals and water usage in the mill

Our advanced energy management systems provide real-time monitoring and reporting, energy forecasting, energy balance management and energy cost optimization.

Operational Excellence and Process Optimization:
Continual need to reduce waste, reduce downtime, optimize production, save on chemicals, reduce water usage, stabilize production profiles and make data driven decisions

ABB offers a full portfolio of electrification, automation and digital solutions, built around a holistic understanding of what our Pulp & Paper customers need. Our state-of-the-art MES and other advanced solutions result in better runnability, less rejections and improved asset performance.

System Integration:
Enable 360-degree view of all assets by integrating and optimizing data from different systems with each other.

We can integrate your different systems into a single, cohesive platform, giving you a full view of your entire operations.


Digital value pillars and proof points

Operational excellence

Pillar: Operational Excellence

Product: ABB Ability™ Manufacturing Execution System for pulp and paper.
Promise: <6 months reduction in costs delivered as product payback
Proof: Juju Thermal, Finland – Achieved significant cost savings by replacing the legacy MES siloed solutions with a state-of-the-art MES offering covering the full order-to-invoice process with interfaces to key systems.

Pillar: Sustainability

Product: ABB Ability™ Energy Management System
Promise: Quick payback of initial system
Proof: Module 1, 2 and 3: Energy Optimization – Real-time monitoring and reporting; energy balance management; energy forecasting; energy cost optimization based on generation, consumption and market; 
Asset performance

Pillar: Asset Performance

Product: ABB Asset Performance Management
Promise: >$1M/year increased equipment availability, reduced emergency shutdowns
>50% increased MTBF >15%
>70% valve replacement reduction
Proof: Pulp and Paper Plant, Brazil – Change strategy from Preventive to Predictive approach to monitor process valves
Process performance

Pillar: Process Performance

Product: ABB Advanced Process Control
Promise: 60% reduction in Kappa variability 
Proof: Pulp mill Poland, improved cooking conditions and stabilized washing process improved operation efficiency.
Connected workforce

Pillar: Connected Workforce

Product: Simulation of System 800xA for operator training
Promise: 100% realistic environment
Proof: Recovery Boiler at Pulp Mill, Sweden – Skilled operators from day one, lower risk potential and cost savings
Cyber security

Pillar: Cyber Security

Product: ABB Ability™ Assess, Protect, and Maintain.
Promise: Mapping out a complex architecture to deliver cyber security at every level of operations
Proof: DS Smith Kemsley paper mill, UK-full system upgrade with enhanced cyber security architecture

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