Seamless evolution for Harmony Rack installations

Harmony Rack has gone through a series of evolutions in its 40 years of automating utilities around the world. It is time to secure your Harmony Rack infrastructure by upgrading to Symphony® Plus SD Series e-Class (SDe).

SDe solutions are focused on enabling stepwise evolution with minimal impact by preserving field wiring, termination units and module cabling, helping you protect your Symphony Harmony investments as process controllers, I/O modules and automation technology evolves.
You can:

  • Secure and modernize your DCS infrastructure with space-fit and pluggable SDe hardware,
  • Minimize disruption to your operations while introducing proven Symphony Plus automation technology, and
  • Benefit from the flexibility to evolve stepwise or all at once in line with your life cycle plans. 

Want to know more about ABB’s Symphony® Plus SD Series e-Class (SDe)?

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Four reasons to evolve your Symphony Harmony installation

SDe Series is a portfolio of completely scalable control and I/O products that work in any process environment or geographic location, regardless of application type, size or physical setting.

Low power consumption using standard 24vdc. Made from plant-based plastic


Replace only value-add hardware (keep power supply, cabling, rack, cabinets)

Low risk

Low-risk, step-wise modular evolution


Set up for next-generation of features

Flatten your Harmony architecture with Ethernet

Symphony technology (SDe) runs on a modern Ethernet backbone. By using industry standards, the Ethernet backbone enables use of off-the-shelf solutions for network diagnostics, redundancy, and network connectivity, which can lower costs and simplify maintenance.

SDe can also open the door to a full-scale digital ecosystem that extends the capabilities of your automation system.



Reuse existing cabinets, field wiring, termination units and module cabling


Preserve the control application and the HMI operator interface


Flatten the architecture with a modernized Ethernet backbone


Increased modularity for seamless evolution of traditional Harmony Racks


Protects investments in previous rack controllers and I/O hardware and software

SDe Series features


Enhanced upgrades with ABB Care

ABB Care provides the latest version of S+ Engineering, which is used to configure SDe controllers, as well as many services that enhance your evolution projects:

- Access to myABB for system fingerprints and life cycle planning tools;
- latest software updates through Automation Software Maintenance;
- cyber security services, spare parts services, and more…

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