ABB Ability™ Genix Industrial Analytics and AI applications and architecture

ABB Ability™ Genix is designed on the strong foundation of a modular architecture to offer options to end users. It brings together real-time operations data from OT, engineering design parameters from ET, transactional data from IT and locational information from geospatial systems to break down silos into one cognitive data lake. Analytics pre-built with domain expertise lead to insights which are highly visual, easy to understand and intuitive to action. Integration with the most contemporary technologies drives the power of ABB Ability™ Genix.
In essence, the capabilities offered by ABB Ability™ Genix through a blend of platform + service + analytics ensure that enterprises benefit from industrial analytics and AI at each step of their digitalization journey.

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Value applications

Among the most powerful features of ABB Ability™ Genix are the value applications. These are pre-built industry-centric and address key requirements and pain points. The intent of value applications, is to deliver insights that can be intuitively understood and acted upon by business users.

Value applications exist for a wide variety of use cases across different functions and practices in an enterprise. They reflect a digital platform powered by the intellect, experience, understanding and the requirements of industries we serve. 

The ABB Ability™ Genix suite has a powerful range of business value applications. The Genix suite includes asset performance management, analyzer fleet monitoring, system anomaly detection, opportunity loss manager, and machine performance analytics.

Modular architecture - components that make ABB Ability™ Genix a complete, enterprise-grade digital offering

ABB Ability™ Genix Industrial Analytics and AI Suite helps apply data from diverse to boost productivity, reduce costs and improve sustainability and safety. The suite helps make timely, accurate, insight-driven decisions to achieve optimization and control.

Starting with data capture and integrating cross-functional data, ABB Ability™ Genix connects operational, business and engineering systems, then collects, contextualizes and converts data through advanced analytics into meaningful information to drive business decisions.

Genix is next-generation architecture that reflects the best of ABB's domain experience, and deep IT and Industry 4.0 knowledge. 

A complete, comprehensive platform + suite with next-generation architecture that delivers actionable insights

ABB Ability™ Genix architecture

Architecture that reflects deep domain knowledge combined with cutting-edge technology capability

ABB Ability™ Genix components

ABB Ability™ Genix let user choose functionalities. Modules can be mixed and matched to suit key target areas. Almost everything about Genix supports this mandate of choice for users so they can deploy enterprise-​wide digitalization at a pace and in the manner they prefer.

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