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Sample handling equipment, particulate, mercury, flow, temperature and pressure measurement…

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At ABB, we are on a mission to control your costs, cut complexity and make your CAPEX go further. That´s why we offer a comprehensive CEMS product range with full integration potential


- our comprehensive range of gas analyzers is only one dimension of the ABB product portfolio. We are known the world over for our pressure, temperature, level and flow instrumentation. Coming to ABB for all your project requirements will be one of the ways you can keep procurement and project management costs under control.


 - regulated CEMS parameters often include temperature or references to no visible plume. We've got that covered, after all, we‘re on a mission to cut complexity.


- composition measurements from CEMS gas analyzers and the flue gas flow rate combine to give total emissions. Flow measurement is therefore integral to CEMS. All the products, all the service and the latest digital solutions – putting it all together means unrivalled value for money for your environmental compliance program.

Particulates - PM10, PM2.5 and dust regularly feature in international CEMS legislation and are also required for process control within many industrial operations. As part of our mission to cut complexity, we have aligned with our business partners to ensure that you can access the broadest range of CEMS equipment for your project from ABB. Get in touch to find out more.


- the Minamata Convention on Mercury is being cascaded into regional and national legislation at a good pace. We recognize the important and growing role of mercury CEMS and have partnered with some of the world‘s best technology providers in this niche to ensure that we have the right equipment for your project requirements, regulatory framework and budget. We want to make your capex go further. Contact an ABB CEMS specialist to find out more.

CEMS sample preparation, pressure, temperature and flow instrumentation. Everything you need to execute the project

40 Series

Heated and unheated CEMS gas sample probes

FE / PFE Series

Unregulated, regulated and self-regulated CEMS gas filter units

CGWB13 and TBL01

Heated CEMS gas sample delivery lines

266 Series

High performance pressure measurement with easy setup and NAMUR compliant diagnostics

TSx / TTx Series

High performance temperature measurement with through the glass operation

FPD580 StackFlowMaster

Volume flow measurement in dry flue gases up to 1200 °C

System integration

Packaging of all products into a turn-key solution including analyzer cabinets or shelters is realized in system integration facilities around the world.

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