Producing consistent, high-quality cement, caring about environmental responsibilities, improving process control and managing information effectively to maintain reliable operation, cost effective production and reducing capital employed – that’s what cement manufacturing is all about.

ABB provides a wide range of analyzer products for cement industry processes such as continuous gas analyzer systems for process gas measurements, emission monitoring, online measurements for bulk materials, as well as analyzers for other specific application.

Unrivalled in its scope and applications expertise, ABB is a global leader with solutions certified to international standards and a world-wide network of manufacturing plants.


Production process

Customer value

Unrivaled experience gained over more than 30 years

World leader with >1700 FTIR based CEMS installed worldwide

No other supplier has installed more gas analyzers on cement plants

More than 600 kiln inlet systems supplied worldwide

Modular analyzers and standard systems tailored to every application

Common user interface ensures familiarity across all products

Innovative calibration concepts minimizes test gas consumption

Products portfolio

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Measuring for clean air: Continuous emission monitoring solutions


Download ABB CEMS guides

Discover how ABB reduces the total cost of ownership for CEMS while pioneering efficiency and precision. Allow us to assist you in selecting the optimal analyzer tailored to your specific requirements. You will find all this and more in our CEMS Customer Information Guide and CEMS Selection Guide. Click on the link below to download.



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