ABB CEMS system helps analyze emissions for a unique waste-to-energy plant in Denmark

The architectural design of the waste-to-energy plant roof will serve as public leisure landscape and include a snow slope for skiers of all levels.

The Amagerforbraending waste-to-energy plant, located just three kilometers from downtown Copenhagen, is an innovative concept for waste management and energy production.

Rather than hiding industrial processes, the concept connects people to the issues behind waste management. The architectural design of the plant roof serves as public leisure landscape and includes a snow slope for skiers of all levels.

The form of the emission is single smoke rings with the diameter of 25m and 5m height. This form of the ring is a phenomenon which can be found in nature, like it has been observed at Mount Etna, Sicily. One ring will emit exactly 250kg of carbon dioxide.

This new plant reduces environmental impact to a minimum by using the best technical solutions available. 

How does it work? Watch this video that explains the vortex exhaust. 

Waste to energy plant emitting “ring” of carbon dioxide

How ABB helped

The ACF5000 CEMS system was chosen due to key new unique features. The Amagerforbraending incinerator did not want to use an additional FID module with Hydrogen for public safety reasons. 

The ABB solution offered multi-component measurement and VOC measurement via FTIR. Furthermore, the ACF5000 is equipped with an internal validation unit and automated QAL3 evaluation and reporting is possible without test gases.

So cost, handling, and risk of operation can be reduced to a minimum. ABB provided a complete turnkey system for emission monitoring to keep in compliance with regulatory compliance. 

With ABB's ACF5000,  the advantages of an FTIR spectrometer and oxygen measurement are combined. The measurement technology FTIR or FID for VOC-measurement can be chosen optionally. The high resolution FTIR spectrometer provides selective infrared measurements of infrared active gas molecules with a high sensitivity and stability. The optional FID measures hydrocarbons at low and high ppm levels. 

Municipal waste ready to be fed into incinerator

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