ABB helps shipping industry combat climate change with emission monitoring solution

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ABB’s CEMcaptain is a powerful new emissions monitoring system designed to help the shipping industry comply with sulphur emission regulations and improve air quality, in line with the Paris Agreement.

The last five years has seen a steep rise in regulation in shipping designed to protect the environment for future generations. Traditionally far less polluting per kilometre travelled than other means of transporting goods, there is always more that can be done, and many shipping companies have already adopted strategies to reduce their environmental impact. As of January 1 2020, the low sulphur and nitrous oxide emission limits in the International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations became effective worldwide.

This week ABB launched a powerful new emissions monitoring system, the CEMcaptain. It has been designed to help the maritime industry meet these new regulations and become ever more sustainable.

When choosing a CEMS solution there are several key factors to consider. Selecting the right system to be installed, can reduce the likelihood of unforeseen costs from excessive maintenance, through to potential financial penalties and paperwork headache for regulatory non-compliance. Customers feedback that some of the most important factors to consider are compliance, safety, ease of use and of course cost effectiveness.

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance drives the need to effectively monitor emissions. It is therefore important to have a good understanding of the types of gases to be measured and reporting frequency required. ABB is an expert in emissions monitoring with more than 60 years’ experience to draw from and 60,000 systems installed in over 100 countries. No measurement installation can ever be guaranteed 100% accurate, but the CEMcaptain consistently achieves more that 98 per cent uptime ensuring reliable compliance and reduced maintenance.

Safety and ease of use

The CEMcaptain has been designed with a regularly changing crew in mind. It provides real-time measurement, easy transfer of diagnostic data, digital software solutions and service and support wherever you are. The analyzer modules and sample handling components are integrated in a standalone cabinet making installation easy.

Achieving over 98 per centuptime increases on-board safety by reducing maintenance requirement. When maintenance is required, fast fault reporting, diagnosis and repair are achieved via the on-site and remote digital services which help operators get closer to 100 per cent.

Dynamic QR codes are integrated into the ABB CEMcaptain system display panel, allowing diagnostic information to be scanned and transferred to ABB support. Maritime instrumentation technicians can send real-time information to an ABB service expert to get immediate guidance on appropriate maintenance.  ABB Ability™ Remote Assistance with secured connectivity direct to the factory is also offered for real-time solutions to problems. These features reduce the costly training of constantly changing crews as well as reducing the number of experts required on board and improve safety for all.

Cost effective solution

The cheapest available solution may be a false economy in the long run. CEMS systems need to work 24/7, so there are likely to be instances where even the most reliable unit may need servicing. Given these facts, it pays to always look to see which equipment is rated as the Best Available Technique (BAT), offering reduced ownership costs and ensuring regulatory compliance, as well as the assurance that help and support will be available when and where you need it.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, if in doubt, find an expert to talk to. ABB has extensive experience in all aspects of continuous gas analyser systems, spanning from design through to operation, maintenance and long-term support. ABB’s Marine and ports division has established a dedicated infrastructure servicing the needs of the marine industry.  

Using our extensive experience gained through hundreds of applications in multiple industries, we can help you to assess your requirements to make sure that you get a solution that exactly matches your application, whilst avoiding any pitfalls that can occur with less experienced suppliers.  

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