Optimizing brownfield chemical plants with instrumentation

Case study | December 21, 2023

The chemical sector is undergoing deep transformation on its journey to reduce emissions, adopt low-carbon solutions, and maintain competitiveness and profitability. 

The chemical industry is one of the most important industries in the world with many manufacturing and construction industries depending on it. Its successful transformation is vital not only for the chemical companies themselves, but for the entire value chain of interlinked industries. As important as it is, the chemical industry faces many challenges that affect all its various stakeholders and supply chain. 

Aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050 is not the only pressure the sector faces from customers, government and society. Operators must meet stricter environmental and safety regulations while continuing to grow revenues; adopt new approaches such as indirect and direct electrification of chemical processes; and contribute to carbon circularity by capturing and storing CO2, for example.

Why measurement matters

Modernization of plants will be essential to achieve these goals. 

ABB is partnering with chemical companies to implement smart technology that will enable plants to meet government regulations, improve energy efficiency and open the door to new chemical initiatives, including a shift away from fossil fuels.

ABB provides high-quality instrumentation, spare parts, healthcare and predictive maintenance solutions that help to transform performance and reduce unnecessary downtime. With a trusted, robust and reliable portfolio of instruments covering flow, pressure, temperature and level, we provide the industry with the confidence that processes are running as they should. 

When combined with our condition-based predictive maintenance technology, we help the chemical industry achieve modernization necessary for production lines. This gives immediate visibility into process errors or production line issues, before a fault occurs and with less unplanned corrective maintenance. We help enable new, intelligent capabilities in plants where plant operators need to boost operational efficiency and increase productivity; despite an ageing workforce and  skills shortage.

Here are three crucial ways we make measurement easy for brownfield plant operators.

Reducing risks: Our certified solutions support all industry standards, and our focus is on continuous risk reduction, for both your people and plant equipment.

Reducing environmental impact: Our solutions support high quality and sustainable production by accurately monitoring processes, reducing their environmental impact, and enabling new, clean-energy value chains.

Boosting efficiency: We integrate technologies that reduce downtime, improve efficiency and give you better production control and management.

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