Professional fulfilment is not just milestones; it’s about personal impact on business success

Interview | December 18, 2023

During her four-year tenure as Project Manager in Process Automation’s Measurement & Analytics division, Marwa Magdy has consistently left a positive impact through her projects across industries. Marwa integrates technical expertise with collaborative prowess, resulting in optimal outcomes for her team and customers.

Marwa’s professional journey is rooted in an electrical engineering background, providing her with the skills to manage projects requiring technical proficiency. Successful execution of ABB projects demands a deep understanding of engineering, technology, and specialized tools in automation, electrification and digitalization. Marwa believes that technical expertise is the best foundation for adept problem-solving, enabling one to confront challenges, optimize processes and integrate elements of a project. 

“Technical knowledge is the cornerstone for navigating complex industrial environments, fostering innovation and promoting sustainable progress.”

The dynamic nature of industrial projects means that STEM professionals must stay informed about emerging technologies and methodologies in order to analyze, design and implement effective solutions. 


Personal and collaborative efforts

When Marwa first joined PAMA, she found it challenging to establish herself in her assigned projects. While she did not face adversity on account of her gender, she did have to prove herself to be taken seriously by senior colleagues. Marwa was determined to succeed, and she leveraged her unique skills and emotional intelligence to be seen as a valuable project team member.

“Each of us has diverse perspectives that allow for a broader range of ideas and solutions. This is crucial for problem-solving and adapting to evolving industries.”

Another key to Marwa’s success is her commitment to collaboration, an ABB core value. Marwa believes that working together across geographies and teams cultivates higher understanding, increased productivity and a profound sense of being part of something bigger. In her own team, Marwa appreciates her colleagues’ collaborative spirit as well as their dedication to project success.

“A work culture that values personal contributions and encourages collaboration fosters a sense of ownership among employees, and ultimately supports business growth and competitiveness in the marketplace.”



Embracing the new work-life normal

Achieving career success is linked to finding equilibrium between professional and personal lives. In her quest to achieve this balance, Marwa navigates the demands of her dynamic profession alongside the demands of new motherhood. She supports how organizations have transitioned in a post-COVID world from rigid, time-oriented structures to more flexible, task-oriented models. Marwa believes that this shift is helpful to harmonize personal and professional commitments. 

Additionally, she acknowledges that the surge in remote work has blurred traditional work boundaries, making effective time management essential. Marwa stresses the importance of setting clear boundaries, both physically and mentally, to prevent burnout and foster a positive work-life dynamic. 

“Ultimately, achieving a good work-life balance both fosters personal resilience and empowers individuals to navigate uncertainties.”


Words of wisdom to succeed in STEM

Acknowledging the responsibility that comes with experience, Marwa embraces her role as a mentor and role model. Her manager serves as her own inspiration, and Marwa is committed to inspiring and guiding others based on her journey. 

“First, you’ve got to believe in yourself and in your abilities to make a mark in your professional life.”

Success in STEM requires a blend of passion, perseverance and adaptability. Marwa states that it is crucial to adopt a mindset that both welcomes challenges and perceives obstacles as gateways to innovation. She also urges young professionals to develop strong communication skills so they can convey ideas with clarity. Additionally, Marwa advocates collaboration for a team to work effectively, which improves the probability for success. 

Finally, Marwa’s advice for those embarking on a STEM journey: “Embrace a lifelong commitment to learning, as STEM fields are ever-evolving.”


About Marwa Magdy

Marwa is a seasoned project manager based in Cairo, Egypt. She joined ABB as a Project Manager in 2019. With over 10 years’ experience in engineering, she possesses diverse skills encompassing sales, pre-sales, engineering and project management. Certified by the Project Management Institute, Marwa excels in managing the entire project lifecycle. She holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Ain Shams University.

Marwa is enthusiastic about a dynamic work environment and continuous professional development, evident in her experiences in project management. She enjoys delving into topics related to modern baby development methods, consistently advancing her theoretical and practical knowledge in this area.

Years at ABB: 4 years

Initiatives/products worked on so far: Marwa has managed supply, commissioning and start-up for several projects. Notably, she has overseen Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) projects for Sidi Krir Petrochemicals, Methanex and Marakby Steel. Additionally, Marwa managed gas chromophotographs projects for Sidi Krir Petrochemicals and Suez Oil Processing. She also managed the supply of ABB instrumentation products to Canal Sugar Company.

Superpowers: emotional intelligence, ownership, collaboration, eagerness to grow

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