Water distribution – why measurement matters when every drop counts

Case study | November 8, 2023

With water resources stretched by the needs of an increasing global population, the need for transformative technologies across the water industry has never been more urgent.

We are facing one of the most serious water crises ever, with the UN predicting a global water deficit of 40% by 2030.

The biggest challenge facing countries around the world is how to get clean water to customers while also keeping distribution costs to a minimum and drastically reducing the amount of water that is wasted. 

While supplying water is a major issue, so is the fact that leakages account for over 45 million cubic meters of lost water every day. Clearly, reducing unaccounted for water (UFW) is essential and being able to mitigate leakages becomes less of a goal and more of an absolute necessity. 

In addition to growing population, we are also seeing significant growth in industrial sectors including textiles and agriculture which require huge volumes of water, putting additional stress on the water networks.

From the point of view of water utilities, the biggest challenges are inadequate data, inefficiencies in water distribution network systems, poor operating practices, and losses in pipelines. 

Why measurement matters

Monitoring and measurement of key parameters including flow, pressure and level are the optimal ways for identifying and minimizing water wastage and ensuring efficient water distribution.

Through smart measurement and analytical solutions, ABB is at the forefront of redefining water treatment technologies and efficient water management, safeguarding global water resources.

By leveraging an impressive portfolio of continuous water analyzers, flowmeters, and digital solutions, ABB helps water utilities to ensure that clean, safe water is accessible to all while minimizing water losses from distribution networks.

ABB supplies instrumentation and analytical solutions for the complete water cycle. With over 100 years of innovation and domain expertise, our water portfolio is designed to be easily configurable and integrated, meeting the unique demands of the water industry. 

Learn more about our solutions and services to help you drive efficiency, reliability, and sustainability in water. 


“Smart water”

On a broad level, we know that there is a direct link between digitalization and smart, sustainable operations. 

Whether dealing in residential use, business use, treatment plants, pumping stations, stormwater, sedimentation, water storage, boreholes, desalination or coagulation, ABB manages the entire water cycle, handling user’s assets from the field to the cloud.

Digital measurement and analysis solutions cover flow measurement, temperature measurement, pressure measurement, analytical measurement, level measurement and recorders and controllers. ABB equipment monitors electromagnetic flow, variable area flow, ultrasonic open channel flow, Coriolis flow, Vortex/swirl flow, mass flow, residual chlorine, ammonia, conductivity, pH, phosphate, redox, turbidity, dis-solved oxygen, fluoride, QRP and much more. 

Digitalization gives water utilities the ability to carry out preventative and predictive maintenance. It also ensures processes are optimized because their operations are based on the most accurate data available. 


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