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Natural gas chromatograph


The NGC8209 provides precise and reliable measurement of an extensive range of natural gas values, from C6+ to C9+. This range includes hydrocarbon dew point, a complex and traditionally difficult-to-measure parameter. But this is just one of the many ways the NGC8209 defies tradition.

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Built for superior efficiency and profitability

After installing the NGC8209, information is readily accessible for use by other programs. The unit’s single controller seamlessly processes all chromatograms, performs all needed calculations, and reports results in real time, for accurate and timely information on the product in process. Other applications—alarm processors, trending and reporting software, etc.—can access this information as needed. Like the NGC8206, the NGC8209 retains this as historical data, to be referred to later for custody transfer, or to verify transmitter operation performance.

With the NGC8209’s easy-to-use, graphical, user-interface software, designated users can directly access information with a laptop PC, or indirectly via a cell phone, satellite, radio, or phone modem.

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