Natural Gas Chromatograph Analzyer Packages

Fully integrated analyzer packages to minimize installation costs and time

ABB is pleased to now offer systems integration services in order to become a true one-stop shop for all your analytical needs. These analyzer systems are fully integrated and prewired. All terminations are conveniently located in a single enclosure, so the customer will only have to land system power and communications, greatly reducing commissioning time. On the process side, the system includes all sample conditioning so the customer will only have to connect the process sample to the system as well as any heat trace connections, making installation and commissioning a breeze.
  • All systems come fully wired, terminated and integrated including: Analyzer, Sample Conditioning, Heater, Bottle Regulators, Bottle Racks
  • At commissioning, customer only has to land power, sample, and communication
  • Communications are pre-wired to the exterior of the enclosures
  • Three (3) cabinet sizes available

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