Natural Gas Chromatographs Liquid Injection System

As natural gas compositions become richer due to the increased production of unconventional gas from shale formations, there is growing demand to measure NGL’s in the upstream/midstream oil and gas market. The NGC Liquid Injection System allows the customer to measure these heavier NGL streams with the NGC or PGC1000.

The Liquid Injection System utilizes a true liquid inject valve to inject a liquid sample into a flowing gas stream. This injection, in effect, lowers the dewpoint of the sample to where it can now be measured by the NGC. Once the sample has been delivered to the NGC it can be measured by a variety of methods.

The Liquid Injection System if fully compliant with GPA 2177, as the liquid sample valve is outside the heated zone (GC). The Liquid Injection System comes as a fully integrated package, including the Liquid Inject panel, pilot valves and controller, in an environmental enclosure.

  • Designed for NGL’s with dewpoint below 100°C/212°F, including: NGL’s, Y-grade condensates, and BG gasoline
  • Carrier gas–He; Actuation gas–Air
  • Meet or exceeds GPA 2271 for repeatability/reproducibility

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