Quality data management for pulp and paper

Quality information from the whole mill gathered from analyzers, laboratory devices, automation systems (DCS, QCS) and web inspection systems (WIS) can be analyzed and reported within one comprehensive system to prevent losses in production

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Quality data management module of ABB Ability™ Manufacturing Execution System for pulp and paper manages all quality related data in a pulp or paper mill and provides valuable tools for process development, laboratory work and customer service.

Quality data management ensures that the produced pulp, paper or board meet the product standards and customer specific requirements. It identifies any kind of non-conformance in quality and alerts the operators to make adjustments in order to reduce production losses.

Quality data is typically gathered from analyzers, laboratory devices, automation systems (DCS, QCS) and web inspection systems (WIS). As a result of the integration, quality information from the whole mill can be analyzed and reported within one comprehensive system. Quality data management also supports manual data entry and provides test schedules, data entry forms, status displays and graphical presentations for jumbo reel, roll, and process data.

Valuable benefits:

    • Increases customer satisfaction by ensuring consistent product quality
    • Recognizes quality deviations at an early stage of the papermaking process and helps to prevent losses in production
    • Reduces rebate costs by controlling that customer quality requirements are fulfilled in every shipped roll
    • Streamlines operations – Quality data management covers all common quality functions in a paper mill. Configurable displays with predefined user defaults ensure that all relevant information is always near to hand.
    • Lifecycle cost savings – Quality data management is scalable from simple laboratory systems to high-end quality and process information systems. A fully productized solution enables short implementation projects. Continuous version upgrades keeps the solution up to date over its entire lifecycle.

Quality management covers:
    • Jumbo Reel Data Management
    • Roll and Pallet Data Management
    • Raw Material Data Management
    • Time Based /Process Data Management
    • Competitor and Outside Sample Management
    • Laboratory Test Device Calibration
    • Trends
    • Data Analysis
    • Profile Displays
    • Roll-Set Analysis
    • Customer Quality Reporting
ABB Ability™ Quality Management System for pulp and paper

Integrated solution suite consisting of products, services and applications for quality control

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