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ABB Ability™ Digital Powertrain - Condition Monitoring for drives

Stay one step ahead with accurate, real time information about the health and performance of your drives

ABB AbilityTM Condition Monitoring for drives is part of the Digital Powertrain. It gives you fact-based insight into your drives, via KPIs and signal data and helps you to identify irregularities before they become problems.

Benefits of condition monitoring

  • Solid fact-based decision making
    Get the facts, and the history, to help run your operations better and more safely.
  • Always stay one step ahead of problems
    Recognize early signs of possible failures and assess the risks, before they turn into serious operational issues.

  • Find the root cause of process issues
    Remotely access data from ABB drives built-in sensors to track the cause of problems.

  • Remotely analyze and optimize drives
    Get critical drive information anywhere anytime – even in difficult to access sites, or when a site visit is impossible.

Tailor your drive monitoring to perfectly fit your needs

The standard package gives you industry leading capabilities to fit your own monitoring needs – whether you want to view the drive status through ABB’s internet portal, or integrate it into your existing monitoring system using data transfer via Cloud Interface.

Optional services include digitally enabled remote assistance by ABB technical support, advanced analytics and reporting, and a range of other features to make your maintenance operations more effective. 

Get these benefits from the standard package:

Basic Condition Monitoring

The Basic Condition Monitoring feature allows basic access to the monitoring portal, where cumulative KPIs give a status overview of all the connected drives. You can spot problematic assets and drill down into individual drives to analyze the data and identify the root cause of an issue.

Alarm Management

Alarm Management provides peace of mind by eliminating the need to continually monitor the status of your drives. You receive instant automated alerts when a drive's values changes, enabling you to make fast, informed maintenance decisions without the need to be on-site.

Asset Health

Asset Health enables you to supervise performance, reliability and efficiency of your drives. It includes assets' data comparisons to spot inconsistencies in operations. You will also receive an annual performance report with recommendations by ABB experts.

Backup Management

The Backup Management feature enables you to be always up-to-date on the settings of a large installed base. You receive automated alerts whenever any drive parameters change. This enables you to make fast, informed maintenance decisions without hassle, wherever you are.

Team Support

The Team Support option allows you to remotely resolve drive issues, and actively support your colleagues and customers that are actually on-site. Wherever you are, you can access and analyze drive signal data and information, and then provide valuable support to your team.

And select from these options:

Powertrain Monitoring

Combine key information from Condition Monitoring for drives and Smart Sensors for motors and general machinery, to get the monitoring of your complete powertrain.

Condition-based Maintenance

Condition-Based Maintenance provides a highly targeted monitoring and allows you to plan maintenance actions for critical drive applications. Using advanced algorithms, ABB estimates drives' components lifetime and proposes maintenance actions to reduce the risk of failure.

Offline Data Collection

Offline Data Collection helps you use ABB digital service offering without the need to be always connected. You can upload your data to the cloud in bulk only at certain times, operating within your cybersecurity standards.

Expert Reports

Get our drive professionals to review your data and advise on maintenance planning, with an Expert Report service option.

Remote Assistance

The Remote Assistance feature provides expert support for any issues with your drives. It saves you time and money as remote troubleshooting can start as soon as a fault happens. For the same reason it decreases downtime and thus production losses. Additionally, it means you do not need to invest in developing the skills of maintenance resources on-site.

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