Energy efficiency and circularity


Reducing carbon emissions and waste. Driving the tomorrow.

How are you driving energy efficiency and circularity? At ABB Motion Services, we go beyond product and solution delivery. Partnering with you, we help to maximize the value of your motors, generators and drives, and improve energy efficiency to reduce carbon emissions and waste.

ABB and CERN identify 17.4 percent energy-saving opportunity in cooling and ventilation motors

 “The result of our research project with ABB has exceeded our goal of identifying a 10-15 percent energy efficiency improvement, and it’s in line with CERN's commitment to minimize its environmental footprint”
Giovanni Anelli, Head of the Knowledge Transfer group at CERN

Top 3 benefits of ABB energy efficiency services for motors, generators and drives


Maximize your energy efficiency
 and facilitate carbon neutrality with expert knowledge and solutions


Reduce waste and improve the sustainability of your operations while working towards a circular economy


Modernize your business transformation
 and stay energy efficiency with services tailored to your needs

Better decision making

When it comes to supporting you in making better decisions, everything starts with an energy efficiency audit using our domain expertise and solutions to identify potential energy savings and the avoidance of CO2 emissions as well as to track and trace your equipment to enable efficient operations, waste reduction and regulatory compliance.

An ABB Energy Appraisal gives a detailed insight into how motor-driven applications perform, helping to make better decisions on ways to save energy, lower CO2 emissions and boost a company’s overall energy efficiency. This process can be done online or offline, i.e., when equipment is connected or not connected. 

Implementing the change

Implement energy efficiency solutions and services
Once the energy audit has been conducted, ABB Motion Services can support you by implementing the key energy efficiency solutions and services identified like upgrading to higher efficiency motors, adding variable speed drives (VSD) or even by simply adjusting the operational parameters of the motors. This delivers substantial energy efficiency gains and CO₂ emissions reductions - all within attractive ROI and payback time.
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Mitigating risks

Flexible business models can be used to guarantee outcomes and help companies mitigate their risks. This means that the customer and their service partner define and agree targets and desired outcomes over time, and then the partner takes responsibility for delivering them. For example, a service partner, like ABB, can support in keeping your operations energy efficient throughout the life cycle, all delivered through ABB Motion OneCare agreement.

Data, harvested either online or offline, lets service partners provide a better quality of solutions and expertise to reduce your risks The connected technology and service capabilities are already available, so outcomes like constant energy savings and reductions in CO₂ emissions are now within reach.


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