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Modernization and performance improvement services for motors and generators

Optimal performance and lifetime extensions

All equipment is subject to aging and the lifetime of components is limited. Therefore it is important to take the right action to avoid an eventual component failure.

ABB modernization services represent the most effective way of extending the lifetime and enhancing the performance of your aging assets by upgrading, retrofitting or replacing them with the latest technology.

Modernization services can deliver increased production capacity, lowered energy and maintenance costs and increased lifetime as well as better availability and reliability. 

We offer complete life-cycle management services, ensuring a seamless transition between old and new products.

Key benefits

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  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Increased equipment lifetime
  • Improved reliability


Modernization services

Control panel upgrades and replacements for synchronous motors and generators

A control panel is a critical element in synchronous motor and generator applications. Yet, a control panel’s electronic components degrade faster than mechanical components like motors and generators, meaning that an existing control panel might not be operating at its optimum performance. It is important to plan for an upgrade or replacement at least once during a motor’s and generator’s life.

Whether to upgrade or replace a control panel depends on various factors. ABB helps you to select the optimal solution for your application.


  • Greater reliability and increased operational uptime
  • Enhanced functionality
  • Full factory support
  • Complete range of spare parts
  • Includes evaluation of existing equipment design and adaptation to new system

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Automatic Voltage Regulator upgrades for synchronous generators

The Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) upgrade service is designed to prevent unexpected generator downtime due to malfunctioning of the AVR, as well as providing ongoing technical support. Rather than replacing the old AVR with an identical unit, we offer upgrades with the new UNITROL® AVR.

Rotor upgrades for GBA motors and generators

Upgrading a motor’s or generator’s rotor during a L4-maintenance program is a time and cost efficient opportunity to improve an installation. The latest rotor technology features improved thermal and mechanical strength for higher reliability. Depending on the installation, it can extend rotor design life by some 15 percent and increase power output in excess of 5 percent.


  • Increased reliability and lifetime through higher thermal resistance and improved mechanical design
  • Higher power output due to improved design
  • Reduced cost of ownership through extended lifetime and a higher return on investment
  • Optimized use of maintenance time by upgrading the installation during the planned maintenance slot

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Brush-lifing system

Upgrading ABB slip-ring motors with a brush-lifting system considerably reduces the wear on brushes and slip rings, lowers service costs and boost reliability. It can be mounted on new engineered ABB slip-ring motors or retrofitted to existing motors (prior engineering checks required).


  • Higher production uptime
  • Lower maintenance and spare part costs
  • Longer motor lifetime
  • Brushes arranged irrespective of loading

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Exciter rotor upgrade

New replacement exciter rotors are introduced for AMS 1000 – 1250 and GBA 800 – 1250 motors and generators to boost reliability and availability.


  • Superior reliability through improved winding design
  • Improved mechanical design based on FMEA analysis
  • Improved cooling design
  • Simplified replacement of rotating rectifier components for reduced downtime in case of failure

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Capital spares

Rotors, stators and other capital spares are typically custom manufactured. This means that such components have a significantly longer delivery time than standard spare parts. When unexpected downtime must be kept to a minimum, capital spares provide the basis for maximizing operational availability. 

ABB can help you to determine the optimal capital spare by performing site surveys and motor/generator diagnostics. 


  • Minimized downtime in case of failure
  • Minimized production loss in case of failure
  • Use of a single component as a capital spare for several motors and generators
  • Excellent overall risk management strategy

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Retrofit kits

ABB's retrofit kits for motors and generators allow you to add new features to your generators that will enhance maintenance and extend the lifetime of your equipment.


  • Improved condition monitoring
  • Longer equipment lifetime
  • Kits are easy to install and maintain
  • Full manufacturer support

Retrofit kit examples for high voltage generators for diesel and gas engines:


When a motor or generator needs to be replaced, we help you to select the optimal replacement with the correct features for your application to ensure a seamless transition between old and new product.

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