ACH580 drives for HVAC

Comprehensive comfort control that ensures reliable and effortless operation of your HVAC applications

Comfort. It’s something we take for granted in the buildings we live and work in. But comfort requires efficient systems controlling heating, ventilation, air conditioning and cooling (HVAC) to ensure the air we breathe is pure and the temperature is comfortable. We also need to ensure air quality in the most energy-efficient and cost-effective way – as well as safety – in both normal and mission-critical situations.

For half a century, ABB has been leading the way in optimizing HVAC systems using drive control to ensure that you can take comfort for granted. The new ACH580 series of variable frequency drives (VFDs) provide the quality, reliability, and energy savings you expect, and are easy to use and safe to maintain. All you need to do is to set the drive up, and then focus on what counts.

Major benefits

  • Easy to select, install, commission and use
  • Designed specifically for HVAC applications
  • Embedded network communications including BACnet
  • Intuitive control panel with multiple language capability
  • Optional Bluetooth connectivity
  • Ability to control a wide range of motors for any HVAC application
  • Preconfigured default to ABB Super-E HVAC motor settings streamlines commissioning
  • Based on ABB's all-compatible platform ensuring consistency
  • Optimized energy efficiency
  • Local availability and support

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There is nothing more important than reliable and knowledgeable local support for everything from application knowledge to service. Find your local representative who can help you with all of your HVAC needs.

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